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Humancraft: Contaminating Science With Art

Gina Czarnecki

Ground-breaking new media artist Gina Czarnecki makes films, installations, public art works and sculpture. Her work is influenced by the arena of biomedical science and it explores notions of belief and thresholds of perception. Czarnecki’s works raise significant questions about developments in the ‘life’ sciences and changes in culture, society and language.

Over the last three decades Czarnecki has worked in collaboration with biotechnologists, computer programmers, dancers and sound artists. She specializes in advanced technologies and elaborately orchestrates sounds, visuals and physical materials. Through sampling, generating and re-processing images and sound, Czarnecki transforms gallery spaces to create unique, immersive experiences.

This publication charts the development of Czarnecki’s career to date in an intuitive manner. It does not purport to be an exhibition catalogue in any traditional sense, but rather a place to connect ideas and provoke discussion.

Published on the occasion of Gina Czarnecki’s retrospective exhibition at Bluecoat, Liverpool, 9 December 2011 – 19 February 2012.

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