Heinz Mack

Kinetik / Kinetics

The kinetically active sculptures and light pieces by Heinz Mack, one of the three founding members of ZERO, testify to the group’s effort to replace traditional artistic media with immaterial light and movement, so as to create sculpture in space.

In this way light-reflecting materials such as pressed aluminum foil, fluted glass or plexiglass in Mack’s early reliefs generate a new perceptual experience.

In the large-scale out-door installations, such as the Sahara project, nature and art fuse to produce an endless illusion of space via a synthesis of natural and artificial light.

While these are only viewable on film, the broad public can today see his kinetic sculptures of light, dynamism and movement in the public domain: on city squares or in office buildings.

This publication on the occasion of Heinz Mack’s 80th birthday presents a comprehensive view of his early and partly unknown kinetic sculptures.

English and German text.

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