Heimo Zobernig

Books & Posters: Catalogue raisonné 1980-2015, 114 books, 117 posters

The Vienna-based artist Heimo Zobernig has achieved wide recognition for his sculptures, paintings, videos and performances.

With works that respond to the legacy of the discourses and themes of formalist, abstract and Minimalist art, often establishing a close dialogue with the architecture and history of a specific place, he is an important representative of the artists associated with Kontext Kunst (Context Art) in the German-speaking art scene of the 1990s.

This survey book offers an original and comprehensive overview of the ways Zobernig has engaged since 1980 with an expanded notion of publishing as a way to explore the linguistic aspects of art.

Ingeniously designed by the graphic studio Oficina de disseny based in Barcelona, it presents 114 artistʼs books, monographs and exhibition catalogues as well as 117 posters that, thanks to an essay by Anja Dorn that contextualises them, sheds light on a rarely commented side of Zobernigʼs multi-faceted practice.

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