Drawings and Objects 1969-1989

The visionary work of the Atelier Haus-Rucker-Co attracted much attention in the 1970s and 80s.

The Oase at the legendary documenta 5, 1972, and the frame above the Karlsaue, 1976, were the most photographed works in Kassel. The increasing mobility and the space flight with its space capsules, space suits and the stay in space made the architecture made of stone, which was designed for eternity values, appear outdated in their eyes.

The radically ground-breaking ‘inventions’ of the team of artists and architects took place on paper. In excellent, mostly coloured drawings, collages and enchanting models they simulated architectural, avant-garde art spaces, life situations of the future, architecture as a mixture of technology and nature, pneumatic buildings, innovative objects and possible solutions to the topic of environmental pollution.

This extensive boxed set edition presents almost the complete archive of Haus-Rucker-Co, which is still not accessible today. It provides access to an important and extremely stimulating source on the history of contemporary architecture.

5 volumes in slipcase:

Vol.I ‘Towards a new kind of space: Return to base camp I’, 208 pages, 184 illustrations.

Vol.II ‘Constructing a second nature.: Release into the wild’, 200 pages, 151 illustrations.

Vol.III ‘Urban Tools: Making urban areas’, 200 pages, 156 illustrations.

Vol. IV ‘Transformers: Reconstructing the city’, 216 pages, 182 illustrations.

Vol.V ‘Breaking away from home: Untitled’, 200 pages, 147 illustrations.

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