Hansjörg Mayer


Hansjörg Mayer has been taking photographs since the late 1950s and has been interested in structures and surfaces from the very beginning. But interestingly he does not compose them in a strict Bauhaus style, but rather records them en passant. He takes them with him.

The incidental nature of his photography has become ever more facilitated, as lighter and faster digital cameras and smart phones have become available.

A bizarre carrot is now just as likely to be one of his motifs as a post, bird droppings on a window or crumbling plaster on a wall. A form of photography comes into being, particularly on the artistʼs many travels, in which coincidence is given the role of director and the stubborn mistake also has a part to play.

Mayerʼs photography appears in print here for the first time. A selection of 260 photographs, arranged in pairs as diptychs, gives an overview of his unique photographic work. An essay by Stefan Ripplinger underscores the philosophy behind the pictures.

Also available in a three-volume set with TYPO and FILM  (9783863356163  £56.00)

English and Dutch text.

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