Hans-Peter Feldmann


Hans-Peter Feldmann tells stories with pictures. Apart from the title – the imprint is limited to one page – his photo album contains no text. Containing more than 3,000 images, this new magnum opus by Feldmann far exceeds what he has showed previously in his numerous books.

As the frontispiece we see several boxes of the picture archive that he has accumulated over the years: photos found in magazines, advertising supplements and photo books, postcards, collectors’ cards, as well as some of his own travel photos, family and circle of friends.

Feldmann imitates the way we archive photos, in order to show the everyday from his personal perspective. It is often the trivial incidents, the unnoticed moments, which he thinks are worth remembering, remaining close at hand.

This book is assembled as an encyclopaedic tableaux, and its episodic form suggests an unobtrusive dramaturgy with humorous, entertaining passages.

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