Hans-Peter Feldmann


essay by Roy Arden

In Birgit (2006), Hans-Peter Feldmann has made colour snapshots of a friend applying her make-up from beginning to end. As in Feldmann’s other projects, he is concerned here about the relation of the individual to society, how that without others, there wouldn’t be a concept of ‘looking good’.

In its attention to artifice, Birgit is connected to Feldmann’s hand coloured photocopy pictures or his painted plaster miniatures of Greek and Roman statues. These works cause us to question our assumptions about taste and kitsch as cultural and class phenomena. Birgit makes the everyday, the banal, appear strange – one picture of a woman doing her make-up wouldn’t raise questions, but a series of 72 consecutive pictures causes us to think and observe like an anthropologist” – Roy Arden.

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