Hans Kotter

Colour Rush

Hans Kotter’s theme is light. His works always address light, tracing its most-unexpected effects. In doing so, the diversity of the light phenomena allows the artist to break fresh ground in finding highly varied possibilities of expression and ever-new techniques, materials, and manners of presentation.

Kotter not only constructs light boxes, he also builds objects, pours things he has found into transparent resins, marks entire rooms with paths of light made of luminescent foils, and, using his camera, approaches the most subtle phenomena of light.

Confronted out of the blue with the artist’s photographic works, oscillating between abstraction and materiality, naturalness and artificiality, technical perfection and painterly appearance, a person will inevitably question whether or not these are phenomena that have been digitally produced or altered. Through his unique working processes Kotter invites us to observe the complicated play of the refraction, diffraction and reflection of light.

Published to accompany the exhibition Colour Rush at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London, November 2007 – January 2008.

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