Gute Aussichten / Good Prospects

New German Photography 2012/2013

The annual prize awarded to young talents in contemporary photography, Gute Aussichten / Good Prospects: New German Photography 2012/2013, is intended for graduates of photography faculties at German universities and academies.

The award was initiated in 2004 by Josefine Raab and Stefan Becht who launched this project with the goal of highlighting current developments in, and tendencies of, contemporary photography.

In their works, the seven award winners of this year’s competition document an increasingly  complex social reality, point to precarious social conditions, e.g., in a former cotton growing region in the Mississippi Delta, show the need and the isolation in a Russian orphanage or question how people cope with catastrophes in crisis areas such as Mexico, Japan or the Near East.

The documentary photojournalism presented in this publication is supplemented by narrative works that problematise individual practices such as the collection, memorialisation and storage in personal archives or the strategic concealment of minimalistic sculptures.

English and German text.

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