Gunter Damisch

Herzort Augfeld

‘The places we come upon are around us when we are in them, and in us once we have left them.’ – Gunter Damisch, ‘On seeking out places

Herzort Augfeld’ unfolds as a homage to the artist Gunter Damisch (1958–2016) and the place Freidegg, which inspired him and the persons in his life.

The publication unfolds through unpublished photographs of the surrounding landscape by Gunter Damisch, put in perspective by Maria Damisch, his wife and partner, and by numerous artist friends and guests of Freidegg.

Damisch’s artistic view through the camera opens up a new view on his work and on a world in perpetual cycles of coming and going.

Plants, patterns, colours and shapes from nature rise from the works of Damisch and into them, which gets clear through the arrangement of the inexhaustible sources next to the artist’s paintings and sculptures.  Everything is interdependent, for those who understand, infinitely.

In the publication, Freidegg, the ‘place of the heart’ and its people, in the ‘field of the eye’, are also given a dedication with a text on the history of Freidegg by Johannes Jetschgo and numerous testimonies of shared moments by the invited guests.

English and German text.

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