Guillermo Kuitca

Guillermo Kuitca is one of Latin America’s leading contemporary artists.

His painting skilfully reconciles various abstract styles with an illusionist form of figuration and investigates ways in which absence, movement and silence can be expressed on a two-dimensional surface.

This publication brings together earlier work from the 1990s and 2000s, inspired by architecture, theatre seating plans and cartography, with recent paintings incorporating images of portals, doorways and transitional places.

It also marks Kuitca’s return to representing the human figure, primarily female forms which occupy the threshold between the picture plane and the indeterminate realm beyond.

Real space will be presented for the first time in Kuitca’s canvases in the form of a free-standing winged altar painting.

Guillermo Kuitca’s work has been the subject of exhibitions in major European and American museums. He represented Argentina at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

German, English and French text.

Accompanies the exhibition Guillermo Kuitca, 29 Jan – 26 Mar 2017, Kunsthaus Pasquart, which is the most comprehensive presentation of his work to date in Switzerland.

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