Guido Kucsko

Defence: Two black galleys discussing conceptual art

In his artistic work, Austrian conceptual artist and jurist Guido Kucsko focuses on fundamental questions about thinking, feeling and the creative process.

Both his installations and his photographic and video work often undergo a location-specific contextualization.

This publication documents his space-filling installation at Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, curated by Doris Leutgeb and places Kucsko’s work in the wider context of his oeuvre through specific texts.

A lesson, something to learn from, an entertaining piece of conceptual art,’ writes Alfred Weidlinger, Director of Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, in the foreword to the publication.

In his work, Kucsko discusses ‘with a twinkle in his eye’ fundamental questions about the meaning of art and how to read it.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Guido Kucsko: Defensio’, 15 Feb – 24 Mar 2019, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig.

English and German text.

Design by Nikolaus Schmid.

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