Grey Is The New Pink

Moments of Ageing

When and where is a person old? And can one face the ‘challenge of age’ optimistically?

Ageing plays an important role for the individual as well as with respect to social and cultural processes. But, every generation ages differently and every culture also differs in how it defines old age.

Scientists, artists, and lyricists as well as younger and older people deal with the topic of age and ageing in photographs, art, and literature.

GREY IS THE NEW PINK brings together the results and individual approaches to topics such as lifestyle, love and sexuality, illness, health, and death, and shows possibilities for how to deal with the phase of life called ‘old age’ in future.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, GREY IS THE NEW PINK: Moments of Ageing at Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt am Main (26 October 2018 – 1 September 2019).

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