Great Lengths 2012. Neville Gabie

An Artist Residency on the Olympic Park

Between 2010 and 2012, Neville Gabie was Artist in Residence for the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Focusing on the emerging world-scale and world-class development of the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, Gabie created a suite of new artworks that approach one of Great Britain’s largest construction projects in terms of the human body, and reflect upon the personal and social experiences of such a huge undertaking.

This book presents and illuminates the temporary artworks made by Gabie, in which representations of duration and distance draw together the physical construction of the Olympic Part and the extremities and habits of human performance.

Encompassing photography, film, installed objects, durational actions and a uniquely curated historic exhibition, the artworks reveal the sheer complexity and achievement of building both an Olympic Park and creating a new resource for London, expressing the excitement, uncertainty and triumph of going to great lengths.

Included on DVD is the film Twelve Seventy by Neville Gabie and Dan Farberoff.

Published by InSite Arts and Cornerhouse

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