Gotthard Graubner


The paintings of Gotthard Graubner evolve entirely from his organisation of paint as a substance and a colour, and the exploration of its inherent order. Graubner does without any kind of perspectival or mimetic figuration as well as any metaphoric allusions, so that colour alone is the determining factor of the theme, the form, the space and the movement of light in the painting.

The Farbraumkörper (colour-space bodies), so-called by the artist, come about by underlaying the picture plane with absorbent material, thus enabling an unhindered absorption of paint and the unfolding of the inherent qualities of its colour. The works reproduced in this book – paintings, drawings and works on paper – make it possible for the reader to follow the development of Graubner’s distinct position in the art world.

English and German text.

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