Gotthard Graubner: Zeichnungen / Drawings

Gotthard Graubner

Zeichnungen / Drawings

Gotthard Graubner’s drawings, in an elementary form, embody what his entire artwork, his canvas paintings, his paintings on paper, his graphic prints and his installations define for art.

They show a becoming, a genesis; you experience them as a process that leads you to what in them becomes visible. Their visuality is not a given, it materializes, and in its manifestation lies their content.

The form-evolving intensity of the line comes about from its hatched penetration and variation, its concentration or disintegration.

Published in this book is a chronological cross-section of his drawings since the end of the 1940s to the present that show how much his works ensue from within and move outwards and, in their transition, find themselves.

English and German text.

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