Gerhard Richter

Two Grey Double Mirrors for a Pendulum in Münster

German curator, Dieter Schwarz chronicles the idea, the background, the various drafts and the completion of Richter’s impressive installation in the baroque, profane-use Dominican church in Münster (Munich) in minute detail.

The Foucault’s Pendulum, built according to the artist’s own vision, is a scientific instrument made of a 48kg matt, reflective metal sphere that hangs on a 28.75-metre-long wire above a graduated disk made of 380-million-year-old stone.

Four panes of glass, each 600 x 134 cm, enamelled in grey on the back, and reflective on the front, are mounted on the sides of the crossing in two pairs at a slight angle.

This book presents Richter’s installation as a Gesamtkunstwerk, in which space and light, stillness and movement, architecture and (glass) images, past and present, aesthetic experience and scientific research are brought into relation with each other.

English edition.

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