Gerhard Richter

Atlas – Übersicht 1:2. Im Atelier Liebermann

The Atlas plays a key role in Gerhard Richter’s work. It accompanies his artistic work as a work in progress.

Photographs, newspaper clippings, collages, over-paintings and sketches are arranged on over 800 panels.

As an independent work of art, documentation as well as the basis of the painterly work, the Atlas invites the visitor to wander through Richter’s cosmos of images in amazement – rediscovering the familiar as well as discovering the new.

The digitalised and scaled-down version of the Atlas – Overview 1:2 from 2016, printed on on aluminum composite panels, was reworked by Richter and is the focus of this publication and the exhibition of the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor.

English and German text.

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