Gerhard Richter

Paintings from the Böckmann Collection

Thanks to the large number of paintings received from the Böckmann Collection, the Neues Museum now boasts the world’s third-largest collection of works by Gerhard Richter – designed by the artist himself –, that it is proudly presenting for the first time – in this publication.

A large number of well-known paintings have been brought together to form a great panorama – from Waldstück [Forest Piece], a blurred snapshot dating from 1965, and the colored panel painting Sechs Farben [Six Colors] (1966) through 1969’s Seestück (bewölkt) [Seascape (Cloudy)], Schädel mit Kerze [Skull with Candle] (1983), a painting with the feel of an Old Master to it, and a whole series of abstract pictures, all the way to Decke [Blanket] (1988), painted over the second version of his work Erhängte [Hanged] and produced in connection with his extensive cycle on the Red Army Faction 18. Oktober 1977 [October 18, 1977].

English and German text.

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