Gerhard Merz: On Granite

Gerhard Merz

Über den Granit / On Granite

In his work, Gerhard Merz has concentrated on depicting the autonomy of pure colour, the reduced geometric plane and form, which he amalgamates with the architecture and the light in consummate spatial figurations.

The work presented in this publication encompasses four sections that Merz conceived for an exhibition in 2010 – 11 at Kunsthalle Gießen: high-gloss paint, granite gray RAL 7026, a concept for luminescent boxes and phosphorescent paint, as well as the color grey and a text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Über den Granit / On Granite, from 1784.

The effect of the monochrome grey area is achieved by the presence of light that challenges the viewer’s optical discernment, while the quotation chosen by Gerhard Merz and reproduced on the museum wall of Goethe’s text on the sublimity of granite induces us to pause and reflect.

English and German text.

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