Gerald Zugmann


Flaneur: a man who saunters around observing society.

For decades Gerald Zugmann had been a photographer, who specializes in architecture. Besides that he is very much fascinated by the architecture of landscapes and plants. So he started building spaces and landscapes in his studio. He works with an analogue large-format camera and develops the gelatin silver prints himself in his darkroom.

This luxurious limited edition artist’s book is composed of nine special folios/cahiers of beautiful photographic images. Zugmann’s broad analog archive which has been increasing over years is the source of his new book project. Like a flaneur, he was strolling through his archive to select these 172 pictures. He took them out of their context and put them together in a new way.

‘Over a period of more than forty years and through rooms, cities and landscapes, Gerald Zugmann  has placed his camera into the light of the built and the made, or else like a demiurge, himself put things into the light.’ – Hubertus von Amelunxen

From Venice to Lima, and from Dublin to Chicago, Gerald Zugmann’s work has been exhibited extensively in Europe, the Unites States and Latin America.

English and German text.

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