George Widener

Secret Universe 4

George Widener developed an early passion for calendars, numbers and numerology, historical data, population statistics, and mathematical calculations. In his clearly structured drawings he combines actual historical events with his own computations, analysing both world affairs and his own biography, and developing specific codes for super-intelligent computers of the future.

Influenced by the theories of Ray Kurzweil, a leading scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, Widener is convinced that in 2045 high-performance computers will fuse with the human brain and transform consciousness into software. Widener is a savant with Asperger syndrome, someone with an extraordinary insular ingenuity that was diagnosed rather late in life.

The fourth part of Secret Universe provides insight into George Widenerʼs multi-layered practice. It presents his most important groups of work as well as a series of new autobiographical drawings developed specially for the exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, 25 January – 16 June 2013.

English and German text.

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