Friedrich von Borries

Politics of Design. Design of Politics

This publication discusses the relationship between design and politics.

By way of assertions such as ‘design sexualises’, ‘design colonises’ and ‘design manipulates’ a new perspective is cast on cola adverts, Sony Walkmans and the Le Corbusier chaise longue.

The discussion about the political element of design is extended to the space of politics. Using the example of state receptions, electoral procedures and medal presentations the question as to whether political proceedings and forms of representation must be redesigned in order to improve our democracy.

A concluding glossary uses terms such as ‘responsibility’, ‘self-realisation’, ‘products’ and ‘market’ to illustrate the areas designers and architects must act in today if they wish to design with political responsibility.

Friedrich von Borries, (born August 21, 1974 in Berlin ) is a German architect, curator and Professor of Design Theory at the College of Fine Arts Hamburg

Exhibition at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich 30.11.2018 ‐ 29.09.2019

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