Frank Walter

A Retrospective

There is no typical Frank Walter. His painterly spectrum is free and wide. His way of seeing is his own. His oeuvre seems to stand in opposition to the permanent ascriptions he was subjected to throughout his lifetime, with respect to race and nation.

His cosmological paintings radiate transcendentally, his abstract works are systematic, his figurative ones captivating by virtue of their individuality, and his landscapes come into their own in clear abstraction.

His works are of exceptional clarity and directness. Their concentrated quality, which can also be traced back to their size, opens unobstructed access.
The work of native Antiguan and Barbudan artist Frank Walter (1926-2009) encompasses numerous paintings, drawings, sculptures and writings that will be on view in a museum for the first time.

Edited by Susanne Pfeffer, Consulting Editor Barbara Paca

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