Francis Baudevin

Miscellaneous Abstract

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The first reference monograph dedicated to the Swiss artist Francis Baudevin, this present volume offers an overview of his practice since the mid-1980s and brings together new essays by Bob Nickas and Christophe Cherix, as well as an interview by Rainer Michael Mason.

Francis Baudevin realizes paintings from found compositions of graphics designed for various products, primarily pharmaceuticals, as well as logos and album covers.

In the appropriation, Baudevin’s main act is that of removal: he takes away the type, leaving only the graphics, and so no products are identified or advertised.

He never varies the colors from those of the original and his only real departure is scale, with the original enlarged to the canvas or the wall by ten times or more.

Baudevin, of course, is aware of the history of graphic design and of geometric abstraction, and that it is in many ways a shared one.

In basing his paintings on package design and logos, he is in effect taking back, or re-appropriating, the history that influenced its commercial counterpart. Published with the Société des Arts, Geneva.

English and French text.

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