Forms of Action

Forms of Action presents new perspectives on the current development of socially engaged art practice. It aims to re-assess the current terminology used when talking about engagement in and beyond the walls of art institutions.

The publication presents a range of views on socially engaged artistic practice, from freelance curators working on ground-breaking projects, to para-institutional curators working in their own context and embedded within the community, as well as that of institutional curators trying to intervene socially in the structure itself of their institution.

Featuring four essays: Museum on Fire (Stephanie Smith), The Pedagogical Unconscious (Silvia Franceschini), Can We Curate the Commons? (Haizea Barcenilla), and Art as Lawless Proposition (Agnieszke Kilian).

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Forms of Action at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (27 January – 12 March 2017).

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