Florian Schwarz

A handful of dust

‘I just noticed […]: that, first and foremost, the heavens were an inquiry into man. Indeed, man is an inwards universe.’ – Arnold Stadler on Florian Schwarz

Knowledge of the universe is growing, but human existence is increasingly being called into question. This paradox is the leitmotiv of A handful of dust, a photographic research project by Florian Schwarz.

Over a period of four years, he travelled to observatories in the most remote places in the world. He insightfully links the distant view into the expanse of space with close-up views of the people who live in the surroundings of these institutes.

He covers a spectrum from the dusty, bleak ends of this world to the centre of the universe, where our centre is also situated — since we, as the most recent research has shown, consist of up to 97% stardust.

Published alongside an exhibition at Kunstmuseum Singen, 14 July – 15 September 2019.

English and German text.

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