Florian Hecker


Both abstract and material, Hecker’s approach to his works is informed by the technical manipulation of sound and, increasingly, other media; yet in their realization as installation or performance, the works produce rich subjective sensory experiences that evade categorisation.

Their computational composition makes the works ‘virtual’ in a certain sense, yet experience of their manifestation is profoundly material, even physical. They propose new experimental forms yet contain references to histories of conceptual art, minimalism, and performance.

In Hecker’s work, viscerally disturbing, high-volume performances can be the product of austere conceptualisations. All of these qualities prevent the works from being exhaustively described by any one disciplinary approach.

This publication accompanies the exhibition Florian Hecker: Formulations at Culturgest Porto, Porto, Portugal (25 September –19 December 2015), and at Museum Für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt Am Main (26 November 2016 – 5 February 2017).

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