Feridun Zaimoglu

I, Immendorff

I went inside the painter Immendorff ’s pictures. I moved around inside the pictures until I, on my paper, became the painter. I disappeared and Immendorff came to life. This is an act of appropriation as metamorphosis. I, Immendorff, tell of the everyday and the sensational. The book can be taken as a poem in 100 parts. It can be read as 100 selected mirages. I, Immendorff, was once a German painter-partisan. I live on in the paint and in the words.’ — mFeridun Zaimoglu

I, Immendorff was originally published in the catalogue, Jorg Immendorff: For All Beloved in the World by Walther Konig.

English edition. Co-published with Kehayoff. Translated by Tom Cheesman.

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