Felix, June 5th 1994

AA Bronson

This is the first exhibition by AA Bronson, as a solo artist, in the UK.

Together with Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal, as part of the acclaimed artists’ group General Idea, he has exhibited throughout the world for over thirty years.

Felix and Jorge both died of AIDS related illnesses in 1994, and since then Bronson explains ‘…I have been struggling to find the limits of my own body as an independent organism, as a being outside of General Idea. Over the past five years I have found myself, much like a stroke victim, learning again the limits of my nervous system, how to function without my extended body (no longer three heads, twelve limbs), how to create possibilities from my reduced physicality…’

Bronson’s exhibition consists of only one work, his portrait Felix, June 5th, 1994 – a vast photograph, taken of Felix a few hours after he died, and one of the most powerful images to have been produced by an artist in recent years. Includes interview with AA Bronson and Matthias Herrman. Foreword by Jonathan Watkins.

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