Fabian Treiber

Candle, Candle

The visually ambivalent paintings by German artist Fabian Treiber, who was born in 1986, generally start with a sketch directly on the canvas.

Treiber’s abstract and alienated pictorial worlds incorporate still life’s, interiors or genre scenes in interior and exterior spaces, whereby the artist links up to the traditional pictorial genres of art history.

The individual elements of the images, the objects depicted, but also the perspectives and spaces themselves are abstracted, destabilized and transformed in such a way that the images appear in a state of instability and insecurity. The structure and feel of the painted objects often creates a disconcerting effect, whereby Treiber’s aim is to touch observers personally and enter into a dialog with them through his works.

His works oscillate between figuration and abstraction; abstract figuration serves for the purpose of methodical questioning of what we perceive as reality. Although the artist works within the context of abstraction, for his motifs he draws inspiration from his environment. The resulting images are reflections of everyday things and habits.

English and German text.

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