Photographs of Britain by The Caravan Gallery

The Caravan Gallery (Jan Williams & Chris Teasdale) document the unseen aspects of the way we live now. For 15 years their work has examined aspects of daily life and social change that the mainstream media frequently overlook.

The Caravan Gallery’s photographic practice is based on travel – near and far. The artists re-appropriate what has been called ‘the tourist’s gaze’ to see spaces, places and people that are seldom visited or thought worthy of ‘touristic’ attention.

The sites and sights that the artists document are often precisely those beneath a threshold of visibility. Like the very best travel writing, their work opens our eyes to those things already beneath our feet.

For Williams and Teasdale, the city itself is a kind of museum – a place of secret treasures – where one finds wonder, astonishment, moments of grace, and unexpected beauty.

Following the bestselling success of their Is Britain Great? trilogy, extra{ordinary} is a lavishly illustrated collection of the Caravan Gallery’s most well-known photographs over the years. Featuring essays by Alistair Robinson and Ken Grant.

Published on the occasion of the UK touring exhibition throughout 2015/16, to NGCA (Sunderland), Impressions Gallery (Bradford), Diffusion Festival (Cardiff, courtesy of Ffotofallery), Museum of Lancashire (Preston), mima (Middlesbrough), and Solent Showcase (Southampton).

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