Jeanneret - Rossi - Ungers - A Tall House - A Big House

This collection presents issues 6-10 of ‘Everything’: reports on the studio of the same name led by Kersten Geers, Fabrizio Ballabio, Jelena Pancevac and Guido Tesio at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio.

The second series of ‘Everything’ presents a body of work produced during 2020/21 academic year and it is a continuation of the research on architecture and city that takes Milan and its hinterland as a case study.

The theoretical framework for these projects starts from various spin-offs of Aldo Rossi’s Analogous City, and it moves on to the 1965 Team 10 meeting in Berlin, at which Oswald Mathias Ungers presented his work for the first time.

This diverse collection of projects is used as a device to instigate an argument on two hypothetical architectural types: A Big House and A Tall House.

This title consists of 5 Booklets and is co-published with Office Geers.

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