Eulalia Valldosera

Works 1990 - 2000

Over the past 10 years Valldosera has created a series of works in a variety of dimensions and techniques, for installation in diverse locales. Since her extended stay in the Netherlands in the early nineties and her residency at the Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam, Valldosera has given a specific focus to her anaesthetic project, defining the materials of her highly personal intervention into the language of contemporary sculpture. Her experiments with drawing and painting led her onward to performance and photography. From that point forth, the use of projected images would create a strong presence of movement, integrated as a temporal condition of the sculptural work.

This exhibition is the first occasion on which a large number of the works created by Valldosera have been brought together, revealing the intensity of an artistic proposal based on the conjunction of visual contemplation and theatrical narrative. It is on the dramatic terrain that Valldosera takes her distance from the sculptural tradition of recent decades: beyond the experience of space and the materials that fill it, her work moves toward an art of elliptic story-telling, which becomes permanently cyclical in its endless narration. Includes a biography and bibliography.

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