Erwin Wurm

Narrow House

Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm puts into question our ideas concerning reality and identity. His examination of sculptural issues such as the alteration of dimensions and volumes opens up surprising new views of the world.

In the Kunstraum Dornbirn, Erwin Wurm takes visitors on a journey back through time to the Austria of the 1960s and 1970s. Into the exhibition hall he places the prototype of a classic detached house with a gabled roof.

The Narrow House, a copy of his parent’s house in Styria built to scale, has been squeezed in width to 1.1 metres. Its fixtures – the furnishings, from the plumbing down to individual objects such as the telephone and the cutlery – are all formed in the style of the 1970s and have also been integrated into the house in compressed form.

Visitors can force themselves into the completely furnished house interior, and experience the claustrophobia and distorted sense of reality at first hand.

Included is an interview with Erwin Wurm by Ingrid Adamaer.

English and German text.

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