Erwin Wurm


In the Kunstraum Dornbirn, Erwin Wurm presented a selection of works from the ‘FAT SCULPTURES’ series under the title ‘BIG’.

His well-known ironic access to fashion items, everyday objects, groceries, cars and houses turns the works into significant statements of our consumer behaviour, which are commented on in a humorous, profound and sometimes sarcastic way.

With ‘Humour is also a weapon’ — an informative conversation between Erwin Wurm and Gerald Matt — the catalogue documents how it all began.

In his contribution, artist and art theorist Bazon Brock explores the question of ‘caricature as the mediation of the true through the false, the healing through the broken, the beautiful through the ugly, the good through the bad’ and analyzes Erwin Wurm as a scout of the history of the caricatures well beyond Leonardo, Picasso and Kippenberger.

English and German text.

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