Erik van Lieshout

Sündenbock / Scapegoat

In a relentlessly direct and humorous manner, Erik van Lieshout aims the focus of his works at social and political shortcomings; he utilizes the figure of the scapegoat to engage in a discussion about values and assessments.

As a political Till Eulenspiegel and a hunter of dissimulation, he takes up the camera as a weapon, penetrates deep into society, overcomes spatial and interpersonal distances and violates private, social and moral boundaries in order to expose dissimulation, assertion of authority and narrowmindedness.

Van Lieshout calls people’s bluffs, disallows both their and his own urge to project a positive, self-assured image.

The publication offers the energetic, processual manner in which Van Lieshout works. Transparent sheets of paper reminiscent of the pages of a Bible establish the rhythm of the book, address religious issues and, through their mirroring, create the effect of a palimpsest.

English and German text.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Erik van Lieshout: Sündenbock’, 16 Sep – 26 Nov 2017, Kunstverein Hannover.

Co-published by Koenig Books and KM Ravensburg.

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