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Art and Climate Change

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‘Engaging with the new frontier of global warming and climate change could well be one of the most significant and compelling movements in art of the 21st century. ‘ — Johanna Korndorfer

How have artists, educators, curators, museums and galleries responded to climate change? What forms of art and its mediation are evolving along with our understanding of the crisis? What are the potentials and pitfalls of the art-science collaboration?

Perhaps the overarching question is: what exactly do art and art education have to offer? All of us are living with climate change, even if we’re not making work ‘about’ it, and art in all forms will continue to play its part as events unfold.

engage journal is edited by Karen Raney, University of East London, and published by engage, the lead body for gallery education, promoting greater understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts.

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