Emily Allchurch

In the Footsteps of a Master

Emily Allchurch uses photography to re-create old master paintings and prints, constructing new, contemporary narratives. Her works are seamless digital collages, using hundreds of photographs, taken in urban environments today.

Allchurch captures contemporary life and culture, reflecting the passage of time and changes to a landscape. Her lightboxes resemble windows onto a fabricated world.

The publication features the artist’s Tokyo Story and Tokaido Road series which pay homage to the 19th century Japanese printmaker Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).

Allchurch took 6000 photographs at the sites of Hiroshige’s landscapes and using up-to-date digital photography and post-production, created seamless and realistic collages.

Her works reveal not only changes to topography but also to Japanese society and customs. Allchurch’s works are reproduced alongside some of the Hiroshige masterpieces which inspired them.

Allchurch’s new commission is inspired by the painting Albert Square, Manchester, 1910 by French Impressionist Adolphe Valette, and she has created a stunning new image of the public square.

Published alongside the exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, 13 March – 8 June 2015.

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