Emil Nolde


The austere, north German landscape with its flat horizons and soaring, dramatic skies played a central role in Emil Nolde’s artistic practice.

His autobiographical writings also testify to an intimate relationship with nature and a deep attachment to the German-Danish border region: ‘The landscape of my youth was like a fairytale to me, my parental home in the flat country, the skylarks swooping joyfully through the air above, my wonderland from sea to sea…’

This landscape can be found in Nolde’s watercolours from around 1918; only a few paintings can be precisely dated. In contrast to his flower watercolours and portraits, Nolde’s landscapes are depicted from an extreme distance and usually dispense with superfluous detail.

Many of these 30 landscape watercolours are being published for the first time in this small gift-book format.

English and German text.

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