Electric Earth

Film and Video from Britain

artists: Mark Leckey, Carey Young, Mark Titchner, Luke Fowler, Torsten Lauschmann, Nick Relph and Oliver Payne, Wolfgang Tillmans, Stephen Sutcliffe, Rob Kennedy, Paul Rooney, Hilary Lloyd, Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Adam Chodzko, Volker Eichelmann and Roland Rust, Szuper Gallery.

foreword by Andrea Rose

essays by Mark Beasley and Colin Ledwith

edited by Colin Ledwith.

Electric Earth is an exhibition of video-based works examining themes of alternative ways of living and systems of belief. The artist appears as a contemporary flaneur who mines pre-determined social structures, and acting as a facilitator he or she seeks to appropriate and subvert the basis of power within their chosen subject matter through simple interventions. In this way the artists in Electric Earth look to expand our understanding of social systems and codes, re-positioning the viewer’s expectations. Includes artists biographies, bibliography and curators in conversation.

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