Eduardo Chillida


Eduardo Chillida (1924 – 2002) is among the 20th century sculptors who have decisively contributed to the non-figurative vocabulary of sculpture and its material innovation.

Along with steel, stone and concrete, he has favoured wrought iron as a material that, as he says, he subjects to a dynamic process and forcefully endows with his own vibrations till the theme has fully crystallized and space and form become inseparable.

The sculptural form, which avoids identification and – in contrast to the pieces by Henry Moore – hardly even reminds us of the volume of our body, serves as an instrument to make (empty) space visible.

Chillida’s writings, which in this book are published for the first time, take the reader into the mental world of the sculptor, his philosophical reflections and notations on his work, all of which serve the concentration of energy found in the collection.

This publication includes text written by renowned British sculptor, Tony Cragg.

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