Genève 1969 - 1982

In 1969, John M Armleder cofounded in Geneva the Ecart Performance Group with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner.

This collective artistic adventure, in the continuity of Fluxus, evolved to become an independent space and self-managed gallery, a publishing house, a bookshop… The Ecart group is recognized as one of the most important relays of the experimental art of the 70s in Switzerland.

List of Authors: Jean-Christophe Amman, John M Armleder, Anna Banana, Christian Besson, Yann Chateigné, Giuseppe Chiari, Adelina von Fürstenberg, Groupe Ecart, Dick Higgins, Elisabeth Jobin, Rainer Michael Mason, Olivier Mosset, Catherine Quéloz and Dieter Schwarz.

Co-published with Walther König and Lionel Bouvier in associated with MAMCO.

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