Genève 1969 – 1982

In 1969, John M Armleder co-founded in Geneva the Ecart Performance Group with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner.

This collective artistic adventure, in the continuity of Fluxus, evolved to become an independent space and self-managed gallery, a publishing house, a bookshop… The Ecart group is recognized as one of the most important relays of the experimental art of the 70s in Switzerland.

List of Authors: Jean-Christophe Amman, John M Armleder, Anna Banana, Christian Besson, Yann Chateigné, Giuseppe Chiari, Adelina von Fürstenberg, Groupe Ecart, Dick Higgins, Elisabeth Jobin, Rainer Michael Mason, Olivier Mosset, Catherine Quéloz and Dieter Schwarz.

Co-published with Walther König and Lionel Bovier in associated with MAMCO.

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