Richard Long at Houghton Hall

Richard Long is one of the most celebrated, influential figures of conceptual and Land Art.

Long’s new site specific sculptures and mud paintings at Houghton Hall use a variety of materials, including local Carr stone, flint from Castle Acre, tree stumps from the Houghton Estate, as well as slate from Cornwall, and accompany his permanent sculpture, Full Moon Circle commissioned for Houghton in 2003.

‘It was my interest in making new art that took me into the landscape. I’m not a political animal. I’m an artist animal. But obviously my work does celebrate nature and the wonderful landscapes that cover most of the planet. […] I have a sense of wellbeing by being out in the wilderness. It’s a kind of therapy. It’s healing.’ — Richard Long (2017)

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, EARTH SKY: Richard Long at Houghton at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England (30 April – 26 October 2017).

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