Women Artists

A Series by Claudia Müller: Annette Messager, Jenny Holzer, Kiki Smith, Katharina Grosse PRESENT (DVD)

This series, created by Claudia Müller, introduces women artists who have been trailblazers in various genres, ranging from traditional media like painting and sculpture to more recent practices like photography, video, performance and conceptual art.

Each episode gives one contemporary female artist the opportunity to introduce the women whose art has been formative to her own oeuvre in a virtual exhibition.

Annette Messager, Kiki Smith, Jenny Holzer and Katharina Grosse are presenting their personal collection of works by other women artists.

Co-published with König-Produktion. English edition.

DVD – Length: 104 Min. Image: PAL, Color, 16:9. Sound: Stereo.

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