Drawing Time, Reading Time / Marking Language

This publication documents two parallel exhibitions: Marking Language presented at Drawing Room, London (10 October – 14 December 2013), and Drawing Time, Reading Time at The Drawing Center, New York (22 November 2013 – 12 January 2014), that explore the relationship between linguistic communication and drawing in recent art.

Throughout the twentieth century, and in particular since the 1960s, artists have mined language for the subject and matter of their art, incorporating the mode, format, and meaning of text into their work.

Collectively, the exhibiting artists’ works demonstrate an inventive use of words and text, creating work that is visually rich and narratively resonant. They re-examine the codes, symbols, and structures of language, while acknowledging and harnessing the personal and cultural context in which it is produced and understood.

This volume includes full-colour reproductions of the artworks in both exhibitions and essays by the two exhibition curators – Claire Gilman, The Drawing Center, and Kate Macfarlane, Drawing Room – as well as a text by Melissa Gronlund, an editor of Afterall and a writer on contemporary art.

Published by Drawing Room and The Drawing Center

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