Drawing Space

Contemporary Indian Drawing

This new book brings together for the first time three of India’s most innovative contemporary artists.

Weaving a thread between contemporary drawing and 19th century Company paintings, Drawing Space maps the intimate historical connection between Britain and India.

Nasreen Mohamedi (who died in 1990) is a seminal figure in contemporary Indian art and known as India’s minimalist. Cross-referencing past and present, N. S. Harsha’s practice fuses the mythological with the modern, while Sheela Gowda creates 3D works that refer to and subvert modernist drawing traditions.

All three artists use the line as a device for negotiating space in ways that are both innovative and self-empowering.

Also included are biographies, a conversation with Jeram Patel by Grant Watson, entries from Nasreen Mohamedi’s diaries, an interview with Sheela Gowda and Suman Gopinath, and an e-mail interview with N.S. Harsha.

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