Double Take

Works from, and inspired by, the collection of Christian Zacharias

Christian Zacharias is a world-famous pianist and conductor. He has also collected art for most of his life. ‘Double Take’ is both a celebration of his seventieth birthday, and a presentation of Christian the collector. Never influenced by trends or commercial interests, his choices are always made from the heart. The artists who interest him most are individualists who operate outside particular schools or trends; ‘those who have created a world of their own with their … singular vision’.

As these assembled artworks make clear, Christian’s collection is consequently a highly personal one. John Yau perhaps expresses this best when he observes, in his preface to the catalogue, ‘Just as a drawing reveals the inner truth of the individual who made it, this collection tells us something indelible about the person who devoted a considerable amount of time to assembling it. It underscores his belief in the pressing human need to mark one’s presence in time, to shape one’s feelings of urgency into something to behold or to listen to, again and again’.

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