Djordje Ozbolt

Belgrade-born artist Djordje Ozbolt is one of the best contemporary examples of an uninhibited approach to the venerable genre of painting.

His prolific body of work, which also includes sculpture, could be defined by his witty take on representation and technique. It shows a vivid melting pot of styles and topics, ranging from the classical genres of portrait, still life, landscape, and historical painting, to Modernism and Surrealism.

His extensive array of subjects spans religion, human relationships, exoticism – especially African – to travel experiences and cultural stereotypes.

As illustrated by his playful titles, his pastiche, collage-like painting is not only that of an artist who wants to bring fantasy to art, but also his own way to raise contemporary issues, by creating audacious and eclectic images that question the reverence usually afforded to figures of authority.

To accompany this first monograph on Djordje Ozbolt’s painting, the book includes an essay by New York’s Metropolitan curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Nicholas Cullinan, as well as a conversation with Gregor Muir, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

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