Kasper Bosmans

Decorations started with Kasper Bosmans’ close reading of 20+ Years Witte de With, an anthology published by the institution following its 20th anniversary, listing all exhibitions and other projects that took place at Witte de With between 1990 and 2011.

During his research into the institution’s history, Bosmans made numerous annotations and footnotes, scribbles and sketches in the margins across the pages. Adding his own remarks and critical notes, the artist opens up this well-edited historiography to new interpretations.

This publication also features photographs taken from artist Asger Jorn’s 10,000 Years of Nordic Folk Art, a project part of his Scandinavian Institute for Comparative Vandalism, founded in 1961 as an interdisciplinary institute aimed at ‘vandalizing’ art history.

By strategically inserting these historical images into the visual and textual narrative of the 20+ Years Witte de With book, unexpected dialogues between the two registers of information can take place.

This publication accompanies the exhibition Decorations by Kasper Bosmans, presented at Witte de With (9 September – 31 December 2016) and curated by Samuel Saelemakers.

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